About Us

Elodie Duverly, owner of Di Elegance, Ottawa’s events & wedding planner, I am passionate about weddings and decors. I would watch TV shows like Rich Bride Poor Bride; Wedding SOS; Four Weddings in the early morning. I would get ideas from the shows. I saw how people were so unique and different on how their view their wedding and from that moment I wanted to be Wedding Planner. As a certified wedding planner with an eye to elegance and detail, my concern is to help see your day come to life. From the centerpiece, to the choice of flowers, venue, photography, music and more, my team creative style will set your wedding apart.

Di Elegance was formed to fulfill brides’ vision and helping other valued clients to create their perfect event, to bring their individual visions to life. We wanted to cultivate their soul – growing from the ideas each client has in mind, leaving them with memories to last a lifetime. You have only one chance to get it right. So, let Di Elegance help you create a budget that will suit what you are envisioning for your big day and help coordinate and attend every appointment. We will also make recommendations in your choice of venues that will reflect your style and budget. With our knowledge of the industry, Di Elegance will be an asset when making those important choices.

Di Elegance team want to see client happy. Specially, on their wedding and see bride and groom full of joy and enjoying day as it goes.

Meet Di Elegance Team



Elodie Duverly

Founder & CEO Lead Planner

Kayla (3)

Kayla Agard

Vise President & Lead Planner


Claudia Joseph

Founder of Aliyah Kremas