Ghanaian Weddings

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Ghanaian Weddings

Very culture have different styles of wedding and process for marriage. It is beautiful thing and Di Elegance love to learn traditional. We want to better help of couple and enjoy their day. Couple will do religious wedding and along with traditional wedding.

Ghanaian has great tradition for their marriage process is called “Knocking on the door”. The man’s parents and elders or his mother and brother or sister, will approach the girl’s family on his behalf by “knocking on the door” asking the family permission to allow him to court the girl.

 Akan Weddings

Before the wedding ceremony the groom is required to send gifts to the bride, like clothing and wedding jewelry, a mat, a stool and a trunk box. On the day of the ceremony, the groom will send representatives to the bride’s house to escort her over to his house.  A libation (a drink poured out as an offering to a deity) poured out before the bride leaves her house and her brother (or male relatives) will ask for what is called “brother-in-law’s knife”.  There is another payment that need to be paid. The payment is for the bride permission to leave her parent’s house. 


Asante Weddings

Their marriage process, money and gifts are exchange before the bride is handed to her new husband. There is receipt of payment showing the husband automatically takes responsibility of legal paternity of all their children.

The Anlo Ewe, the bride is isolated away from everyone by staying at a few elderly female relatives for several months prior the wedding. One the wedding day, she will be handed over to her new husband after the isolation. Her parents will cover her body with powder as a sign of her allegiance to her new husband.


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