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Types of bridal bouquets

  1. The Spray: Blossoms arranged in a triangular shape.
  2. The Nosegay: Round arrangement variety of sizes usually hand tied with decorative ribbon.
  3. The Crescent or Arm Arrangement: Curved design nestled into the crook of the arm.
  4. The Cascade: Large, tear-shaped arrangement blossoms trailing down almost to the floor.
  5. The Beidermeier: Nosegay made up of continuous circles of different flowers, creating a striped effect.
  6. The Composite: Handmade, creative arrangement in different petals or buds are wired together onto single stem. The design creates the look of one giant flower.
  7. The Pomander: Sphere or “ball” of flowers with a ribbon handles. Great option for flower girls.
  8. Loose-tied: Structured than nosegay, includes many different types of flowers that are informally arranged. The stems are loosely tied with ribbon or lace and the arrangement looks as if it was picked from the garden

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